Friday April 24

8.30-10.30 Registration

9.00-9.30 Opening Addresses

The Rector of Panteion University welcomes the conference participants

The Dean of the School of Political Sciences, Prof. Christina Koulouri, welcomes the Conference Participants

The Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Prof. Theodoros Sakellaropoulos, welcones the ccnference participants

The Honourable Aristidis Baltas, Minister of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs, welcomes the conference participants

Athena Athanasiou, Associate Professor, Panteion University, welcomes the conference participants on behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee

Constantin Boundas, Professor Emeritus, Trent University, “Deleuze and Greek Philosophy”

9.30-11.30 Parallel Seminars

A1. Monism/Pluralism
Eduardo Cadava, Princeton University

Guillaume Collett, University of Kent
Immanence=Univocity, or The Disjunctive Synthesis.
Martin Calamari, Independent Scholar, Italy
Multiplicity, Variability, Heterogeneity.
Shan-Ni Tsai, National Taiwan University
Both an Arch and many Stones.
Hsien-Hao Liao, Taiwan National University
Vitalism in the Middle: Reconnecting with Life via " Force" in Deleuze and Taoism

A2. Singularities, Multiplicities, Affective Politics
Panagiotis Sotiris, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Emmanuel Valat, Lycee Mozart Blanc-Mesnil, and Valentin Schaepelynck, Universite Paris 8
Communisme des singularites
Sotiria Gounari, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Affective Politics and Crisis (Pathimatiki Politiki kai Krisi) (Greek)
Audrone Zukauskaite, Lithuanian Culture Research Institute
Multiplicity, the Multiple and Multitude (Badiou-Hardt-Negri)
Gizem Sozen, University of British Columbia
A Critique of the State Form

A3. Micropolitics of Beauty
Gordon C. F. Bearn, Lehigh University

Grazyna Swietochowska, University of Gdansk
The Scope, Definition and Effect of the Deterritorialization, Feature in Audio-visual Eastern European Film History
Katerina Zisimopoulou, National Technical University of Athens
Micropolitics of Beauty in Riefenstahl's Olympia
Fredric Hedelin, LTU, Sweden .
Comment faire la musique vivante? La ritournelle et la creation musicale.
Hypatia Vourloumis, International Center of Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies
Amit S. Rai, Queen Mary University of London,
Substantive Collectivity

A4. Deleuze's Mediators
Jay Conway, California State University

Yasuto Kiyama, University of Tokyo, Universite de Toulouse
Bergson-Deleuze against Kant
Alan Schrift, Grinnell College
Nietzsche and Spinoza. Monism/Pluralism
Thalia Kanteraki, Universite de Lille 3, University of Ioannina
La philosophie comme creation des problemes: Bergson et Deleuze
Daniela Voss, Free University Berlin
Pragmatism and Pluralism: Uncertainty and Becoming

11.30-12.00 Coffee Break

12.00-2.00 Sponsored Session: Deleuze and his Mediators
Eftichios Pirovolakis, Hellenic Open University

Gregg Lambert, Syracuse University.
Who are Deleuze and Guattari’s Conceptual Personae?
Leonard Lawlor, Penn State University.
Auto-Affection and Becoming. Is this Thinking Materialism?
Yannis Prelorentzos, University of Ioannina.
Quelle articulation entre le Bergson et le Spinoza de Gilles Deleuze?
Aris Stilianou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Le Spinozisme de Deleuze:: de la philosophie a la politique.

2.00-3.00 Lunch

3.00-5.00 Parallel Seminars

A5. Toolkits for Minor Literature
Apostolis Lampropoulos, Universite Bordeaux

Charles Stivale, Wayne State University
S as in Style. Or Ritournelles of Expression
Theodoros Chiotis, Oxford University
Autobiographical Discourse, Pessoa and Deleuze.
Marie Dominique Garnier, Universite de Paris 8
Gilles Deleuze's ‘Single Voice for the many-coursed Multiple”.
Ioanna Savvidou, University of Ioannina,
The Poet as the Other (O Poiitis os Allos) (Greek)

A6. Unconscious, Desire, Death
Katerina Matsa, Psychoanalyst

Edward Thornton, Royal Holloway University of London
Schizoanalysis and the pure Multiplicity of desiring Production
Jean–Sebastien Laberge, Univesite d’ Ottawa
Heterogenese, Ecosophie et Dissensus
Oleg Lebedev, Universite Catholique de Louvain
Les machines desirantes ne meurent pas: la mort impersonnelle et sentiment d’ eternite
Eric Harper, Contemporary Psychoanalysis, London and Charity N. Mwaniki, Architecture and Cultural Studies
The Production of an Anxiety Dream Space Machine

A7. Gendered identities and Queer Differences
Zeynep Gambetti, Bogazici University

Adrianni Simati, University of the Aegean
Investigating the Assemblages of Gendered Identities and Body Surfaces (Diereunontas tis synarmoges metaxy emfylon taftotiton kai somatikon epifaneion).(Greek)
Gulben Salman, Ankara University
Queer and Rhizome: A prolific Encounter between Deleuze/Guattari and Butler
Thomas Sikora,  Pedagogical University of Cracow
Queer Politics as a non-representational Politics of a People (never) to come
Miriam Von Schantz, Orebro University
Repetition as the Maker of Difference: Genre Theory Revisited

A8. Betise, Becoming-Plant, Affective Politics and War Machines
Kostas Filippakis, University of Ioannina

Zafer Aracagoek, Istanbul Bilgi University
Cutipidite : Becoming radically stupid
Karen Houle, University of Guelph
Becoming Plant II
Elaine Stavro, Trent University
Affective Politics
Brook Pearson, Simon Fraser University
The only Enemy is Two: The War Machine in an Era of planetary Crisis

A9. P Nomadology, Repetition and Event
Giorgos Fourtounis, Panteion University

Eugene Holland, Ohio State University
From Schizoanalysis to Nomadology: Toward a Political Theory of the Institution
Eleni Roumkou, Philosopher
The Ontological Turn in Political Theory: Repetition and Event in Deleuze (Ontologiki strofi stin politiki theoria: Epanalipsi kai gegonos ston Ntelez) (Greek)
Catarina Pombo Nabais, University of Lisbon
Kafka and Melville: the same political struggle?
Boram Jeong, Duquesne  University
The Production of Indebted Subjects: Capitalism and Schizophrenia.

4.30-5.00 Coffee available in the Corridors

4.30-6.30 Parallel Seminars

A10. Identity and Difference
Dorothea Olkowski, University of Colorado

Nathan Widder, Royal Holoway University of London,
State Philosophy and the War Machine: Hegel and Deleuze.
Jay Conway, California State University, L.A.
Monism and Pluralism in the Metaphysics and Ethics of Deleuze.
Emilia Marra, Universita degli Studi di Macerata
La connaissance est connaissance des effets : Consequences ontologiques d’ une philosophie de l’ immanence
Jay Lampert, University of Guelph
Future and Future Tense

A11. Cultural Inheritance and Nomadism
Viky Iakovou, University of the Aegean

Akis Gavriilidis, Social Laboratory, Thessaloniki
The desire for the non-State: De-territorialization as an alternative lens to read late and post-Ottoman Becomings
Christina Sgouromiti, ASFA
”The Future is behind us” :Deleuze’s Simulacrum in Tradition’s Ideological Use (Greek)
Engin Sustam, Istanbul Arel University
Deleuze et Guattari: La geographie transnationalisee pour l’ aspect micropolitique
Ian Angus, Simon Fraser University
Thinking the Multiple in/as/or Canada: Itinerary of a Question

A12. Pluralism through Monism: we are basically talking Post-internet
Vincent Jacques,

Ridvan Askin, University of Basel
“Pluralism vs. Monism”: Deleuze and Guattari’s “Magic Formula” and the Disfiguration of Narrative.
Peter Burleigh, University of Basel
Detritus as Chance
Sophie Jung, Visual Artist and Writer
Garrett Nelson, Independent Artist and Writer
Francis Bacon’s c1928 Stool

A13. Panel: Deleuze's Pluralist Empiricism
Charles Stivale, Wayne State University

J-D Dewsbury, University of Bristol
Singularities of Tendency-Subjects in the Force of Expression in Richard Ford
Maria Hynes, The Australian National University
The Artist is Present: Gift as the Intensity of Difference
Andrew Lapworth, University of Bristol
Sex, Death and " Becoming- Bull" in Pedro Almodovar's Matador.
Rohan Todd, The Australian National University
The Emergent Affinities of Force in the Texts of Temple Grandin

7.30-9.30 Sponsored Panel Different/ciating (Institut Francais de Grece)
Golfo Maggini, University of Ioannina

Pascale Criton, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie.
Intensive Difference and Subjectivations
Jean-Clet Martin, College Internationale, Paris. Libertes et Multiplicites
Anne Sauvagnargues, Nanterre Universite.
The Smooth and the Striated: Becomology and Ecology in Deleuze and Guattari’s Art Theory .
Arnaud Villani, Lycee Massena, Nice.
Deleuze et les Grecs: Essais de polémologie.